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Quotes Of Note

"Messier is a hurricane force of music that he humbly self-describes as 'just rock n’ roll'."

"With a sound that blends americana, rock and folk that bring up similarities of Tom Petty, Messier is a hurricane force of music that he humbly self-describes as 'just rock n’ roll'. Bringing together keyboard parts, trumpet playing, and sonically charged guitar grooves that intertwine effortlessly with his lyrics, Messier masters multiple sounds and moods, from deep, intimate ballads, to switching and rocking your face off.” -

- Andrew Conroy, KUTX

“He’s a musician’s musician..."

“He’s a musician’s musician with a magnetic stage presence that can captivate a crowd of any size with his personable showmanship and arsenal of rock, jazz, Americana and funk.”

- Douglas Leach, Track Rambler

“…an expanse of talent and ideas”

-Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle

“With music like that, they’ve got to dance!”

- John Aielli, KUTX


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#Repost @juiceconsulting with @get_repost ・・・ Always a joy to come by “We Are Austin” in the morning and this time we had our own @heather_wagner_reed in front of the camera alongside Recording Academy Trustee and @sameskyprod owner/producer extraordinaire David Messier! Thanks @trevorscottatx for helping us get the word out about the 25th Anniversary Gala! #weareaustin #wearemusic @recordingacademy

Breaking news...the news is breaking! I’ll be live at 9:19am on @cbsaustin talking about the 25th Anniversary of @recordingacademy Texas Chapter! #wearemusic #supportmusic