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Quotes Of Note

"Messier is a hurricane force of music that he humbly self-describes as 'just rock n’ roll'."

"With a sound that blends americana, rock and folk that bring up similarities of Tom Petty, Messier is a hurricane force of music that he humbly self-describes as 'just rock n’ roll'. Bringing together keyboard parts, trumpet playing, and sonically charged guitar grooves that intertwine effortlessly with his lyrics, Messier masters multiple sounds and moods, from deep, intimate ballads, to switching and rocking your face off.” -

- Andrew Conroy, KUTX

“He’s a musician’s musician..."

“He’s a musician’s musician with a magnetic stage presence that can captivate a crowd of any size with his personable showmanship and arsenal of rock, jazz, Americana and funk.”

- Douglas Leach, Track Rambler

“…an expanse of talent and ideas”

-Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle

“With music like that, they’ve got to dance!”

- John Aielli, KUTX


#larrybirdthefrenchie is like “You gonna feed me or what?!” (And yes Larry has a pet fish. Named “Magic”) 🤣#80skid

Without #music I don’t know where I’d be or what I would be doing? WHO would I even be? I mean, would you buy insurance from a guy like me?! I’ve been playing this same “D” chord for 25 years and I am still fascinated by it. I’m a little better at it but it still blows my mind. #practice #dchord #rocknroll #⏰💣 #supportmusic

“Is it Fall yet?” - #larrybirdthefrenchie No Larry we live in #austin, it’s still 92degrees. #frenchbulldog #frenchie #fall #candycorn #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchies Thanks for the bath @cleancritters !

RIP @geoffemerick. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the man (who’s recordings we’ve all studied) a couple of times and he was always so gracious and generous with his time. I am shocked by this news and my thoughts are with his family and friends. #tomorrowneverknows #restinpeace

@rainn the National Sexual Assault hotline is available to help anyone feeling overwhelmed today or any other day. If you need help, please reach out to those who can help. #webelieveyou #supportwomen

Tonight! Tune in to KLBJ 93.7 fm Austin as they will spin “#📺>❤️” from my new album “#⏰💣!“ between 11pm & 12am Central time. Listen online from anywhere in the world https://www.klbjfm.com. @klbj937 #klbj #therockofaustin #newmusic #austinmusic

“Thanks @whotels for a great stay!” - #larrybirdthefrenchie “Wait, am I allowed on the bed?!” #frenchbulldog #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchiesociety

@recordingacademy Board Meeting in Dallas! Excited to see everyone and celebrate the passing of the Music Modernization Act! And then get back to work on many more things to come!!!! #supportmusic

Today we all made music history! Thanks to our members’ @GRAMMYAdvocacy efforts the #MusicModernizationAct PASSED THE SENATE. We did it!