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Quotes Of Note

"Messier is a hurricane force of music that he humbly self-describes as 'just rock n’ roll'."

"With a sound that blends americana, rock and folk that bring up similarities of Tom Petty, Messier is a hurricane force of music that he humbly self-describes as 'just rock n’ roll'. Bringing together keyboard parts, trumpet playing, and sonically charged guitar grooves that intertwine effortlessly with his lyrics, Messier masters multiple sounds and moods, from deep, intimate ballads, to switching and rocking your face off.” -

- Andrew Conroy, KUTX

“He’s a musician’s musician..."

“He’s a musician’s musician with a magnetic stage presence that can captivate a crowd of any size with his personable showmanship and arsenal of rock, jazz, Americana and funk.”

- Douglas Leach, Track Rambler

“…an expanse of talent and ideas”

-Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle

“With music like that, they’ve got to dance!”

- John Aielli, KUTX


Thanks for a great week Los Angeles you dirty little mistress. And Thanks to #thevillagerecorder for hosting the fantastic #P&EWing party honoring @willienelsonofficial where we had this picture taken. 📸 @destroyinstagram

10 years ago to the day I signed Same Sky Productions’ first lease on a studio space in Austin, TX.  It has been an amazing ride filled with music, friendships, laughter, incredibly tough times and always rewarding work. It’s the work that will always endure.  Today we take a rare and brief pause to gratefully remember our achievements and celebrate together at the 61st Grammy Awards.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey with us.  Without your patronage none of this would be possible. Throughout the year we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary back in Austin with events and specials so stay tuned and here’s to 10 more!!! #sameskyproductions #grammys #music #10thanniversary